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Styling The Modern Bathroom In Four Easy Steps

By Del | January 3, 2018 | 1 Comment

Whether it is a remodel or a brand new shower room that needs creating in your home construction project, our designers cherry pick the trends that you should consider for the bathroom of your dreams.


Even if there is only one thing that you are planning on changing about your current bathroom, to bring it up to date, it should be a new faucet.

This is probably going to be the first thing that you, or anyone else, notices about the bathroom. It is its’ statement piece, so to speak.

To bring a bathroom up to date, you need a contemporary style faucet.

Currently on trend are matt black faucets and even ones with LED lights built into them, which light up when they are turned on.

This could be an easy to achieve, one off, standalone upgrade, to bring even the dreariest bathroom kicking and screaming into 2018!

But it should definitely be at the fore of your mind for any, more ambitious bathroom new build or remodel.


Let us not overlook the humble toilet. Did you know that this accounts for 30% of your home’s water consumption?

It doesn’t have to be like this. You can reduce water waste with a more efficient unit.

The toilet you choose does not have to be showy, to be contemporary.

Nor does it have to cost the earth (literally, in the case of the eco friendly models). It can be a pure white porcelain, with contemporary smooth edges and a serene simplicity.


The vanity unit is potentially one of the most eye catching parts of your bathroom remodel. So, it really pays to get it right with either dark wood or a stylish and contemporary granite surface.

Set this tone right and the rest of the bathroom with follow suit, without you even having to think about it!


As we as a nation grow older, we usually wish to remain in our homes.

But making adaptions to the bathroom is unfortunately not usually at the top of any of our dream home remodels, or new builds.

However, it should be.

More mature homeowners should not wait until they have an accident to realize the importance of safety in the bathroom.

The good news is that fixtures and fittings, such as the toilet roll holder or the towel rack, can be cunningly disguised as reinforced assist bars. And they can still look stylish as well!

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