About Us

Why You Should Choose Oregon Homes By Barb

We have more than fifteen years experience of building projects within the communities of Oregon.

Our customers include home owners, business owners, landlords and also the local authorities of Oregon.

Over the years, we have built up a breadth of experience and know how, along with a very professional and motivated team of workers.

Because we can take care of every little detail of your new build, we can bring the whole project in, on budget (or even under budget) because we do not need to outsource anything.

Whatever the construction project you are thinking of, we have got the knowledge, the tools, the skills and the ambition to put it into practice.

Unlike other firms, we can both design and build and our clients are happy to provide testimonials to our previously successful projects.


We do not accept just anyone onto our team. We vet all our recruits to make sure they have the skills, the experience and the quality that we are looking for before taking them on.

As a result, our tradespeople are amongst the most respected in the industry and we can vouch for their credentials – as they have all been checked.


When we project manage your construction project, we take a logical and structural approach to it.

Everything is done in the right order and everything will be project managed and planned in advance.

There will be no nasty surprises or sudden shocks, when we take over the project management of your new build or extension.


We are proud to have made it to the finals of the Best Construction Firm in Oregon 2016.

Our track record speaks for itself and has been well proven locally.

Check out our back catalog of projects, to see for yourself all the satisfied clients we have!