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Three Home Projects You Should Do Before The Winter Bites!

By Del | January 4, 2018 | Comments Off on Three Home Projects You Should Do Before The Winter Bites!

Don’t wait until the snow is falling to discover that the pipes are leaking, the guttering is blocked and your driveway is cracking!

As home construction experts, we know better than anyone the pain that home owners face when it all gets iced up in the winter months!


The first suggestion starts before you even get to your front door.

It’s your driveway.

As an Oregon-based driveway paving contractor and part of the https://www.SaveOnPaving.com network, we have seen an awful lot of potholes and cracks in our customer’s driveways, when we have been engaged to work on other jobs in their home. But, trust us, this is one area that you want sorted before the snow starts to fall.

Because, apart from anything else, you don’t want to slip on that pothole when it is covered with snow and ice, and you can’t see it anymore.

But there is more to it than just that. Leaving a pothole only makes it bigger. And the bigger it is, the more likely it is to cause your vehicle – or you – some damage!

If you are thinking of having any renovations or building projects done around the house this year, we would strongly advise you to start out with your driveway.

For a start off, it is a question of making it safe.

Also, however, a lot of our clients want to put their newly remodelled home on the market, and nothing looks worse than a drive with a pothole and cracks in it!

If you don’t want to undertake the job yourself, we would advise you to find one of the many qualified asphalt paving companies in Oregon to do the job for you.

Once the holes are covered, we would also suggest using a seal coating to protect the driveway.

This is a job that can be attempted by even an amateur, but one that professional asphalt paving contractors in Oregon can definitely do both swiftly and efficiently.

Seal coating your driveway reduces the damage from snow, ice and water in the winter.

Trust us, water is not a friend of asphalt and you do not wish to let it fester on the driveway over winter.

Even when it has been seal coated, the driveway should be regularly cleared of snow and ice, in the winter months.

Better still, prevent ice or snow from taking hold with rock salt or grit!


Did you know that the average house has roughly an air leak the size of a two foot hole?

There is no point in throwing good money away heating a home, where all the heat is escaping through cracks and holes.

In other words, it is the same as having a window open – all day long – in the depths of the midwinter!

The older your home is, the worse this problem is likely to be.

Weather strips, draft excluders, foam sealants are all DIY answers to this problem – as are good old fashioned heavy drapes!


Likewise, inspect all your pipes before the onset of the cold weather.

It is better to spot any potential problems now, rather than wait for a pipe to burst and have it costing you around $5000 to fix – yes, this is actually the average cost price of a repair!!

Pipe insulation is also another great way to try and prevent pipes from freezing and then bursting, in the cold of the winter months.

If you don’t feel qualified to check this important area of your home’s heating system, get someone in who can do!

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